April 24, 2009


salam..sebenornyer saya wat promotion ni untuk staff usm jer..tp leh gak klu ader sesaper kat sini yg berminat...penghantaran area penang ngan sp jer!!! f.o.c yer....
cepat!!! promotion nih untuk mei ngan jun jer....untuk hari bapa skali....
senang senang order lar yer!!!

Happy mother’s day


::::----Mother’s day cup cake special RM40 only for 25 pcs----::::
(Normal price RM45)


::::----Mother’s day cake special RM60 only----::::
(Normal price RM65 to RM90)

CupCakes Flavour….
…..choc moist
…..carrot almond

Cakes Flavour….
…..choc moist
……cheese cake
…..carrot almond

With buttercream icing + wording + cute rose + special packaging
******Choose your mother’s favorite colour******

Free Delivery to surprise ur mother on her big day!!!!
So..what r you waiting for????

Do contact me at:
Eida 0164514677 or email : eidaluv@yahoo.com

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